Latest Beard News from Nairobi:

  • How to Style Your Beard for a Suit: Kamili Kumi Guide
    A good looking beard always oozes out confidence in you anytime you walk out to go about your daily activities. The reality about the beard is that if you do not have one, you are not just the ladies man, which is because only ladies are not meant to have facial hair. However, […]
    Do not shave in the Month of November!Instead grow more Bestial, Brutish, and Manly! Get your #kamilikumi BLACK CORAL Beard Grooming Kit in time to be prepared. “There are two kinds of people in this world that go around beardless – boys and women – and I am neither one.” ORDER YOUR KIT […]
  • Is your Beard putting you @ Risk for Covid-19?
    Let me clear the air here the Kenyan Ministry of Health is NOT recommending men shave their beards to protect against the Covid-19 Virus. This misinformation have developed out of a story on Social Media about the Virus, that pulled an old article from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). LIMIT BEARD STROKES […]
  • Beard News 2020
    You want to grow a beard or try a different shape? Which styles are trendy now, which beard hairstyle suits which man and how the trendy beards affect women. Which beard styles are trendy in 2020? Wilson Kamau, hairdresser and beard expert from Nairobi knows: “Beard remains trend! First of all the well-groomed […]
    Most people grow their beards freely without considering some factors such as their face shape. What most people don’t know is that the beard style that works for someone else may not work for you. The same way that certain hairstyles complement some face shapes more than others means that not every hairstyle […]


That’s what Kamili Kumi guarantee with it’s name.
One can never really know the struggle
of patchy facial hair or an extra dry beard
that your lady keeps on pointing out.

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”We are the kenyan men who cultivate full beards.”

We searched for products that would make our facial fur so soft and shiny that our women couldn’t keep their hands out of.
Sadly, we found nothing more than disappointment.

Solution did not exist that was suited to meet the unique needs of Nairobi men. Defeat is never an option and
where there isn’t a lane, make one! That is how we became the answer to our own problem by launching the brand with the perfect solution, the kamili solution.

Kamili Kumi offers a full line of beard care products conveniently packaged for the self-assured African Alpha Male.
Whether you are a suit and tie professional in a conference room or a shorts and tee shirt on the football field kind of guy, your facial hair is the representation of you that should be at it’s best at all times.
From our conditioning beard wash to our shine boost hair oil, our products are formulated with real men – African Alphas – in mind and targeting the special needs of our facial hair.

If you want a beard that boosts your confidence and turns the heads of gorgeous women, look no further than Kamili Kumi. We know your needs because we are you – strong, determined, and ambitious… with beards. We know you strive for success on every level; your facial hair should be no exception.

Kamili Kumi:
The perfect solution to having your beard game strong!

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