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How to Style Your Beard for a Suit: Kamili Kumi Guide

A good looking beard always oozes out confidence in you anytime you walk out to go about your daily activities. The reality about the beard is that if you do not have one, you are not just the ladies man, which is because only ladies are not meant to have facial hair. However, many do not know that a beard has a unique outlook on your face when you put on your suit for an official or social occasion.

For your suit, you must follow some beard rules to have a matching look that gives you that groomsmen look. Below is a guide from the Kamili Kumi team on how to style your beard properly for a suit.

 Style Your Beard – Trim Down

When putting on a suit, always keep it in mind that your beard must be the primary accessory. It must not be seen as extension hair from your scalp, so trim down to make it look moderate and conservative. The reason you must always trim down is to contrast with your hair and beards. Sometimes, you can keep the same length with your hair and beard depending on your beard length, or if your beard is much, it goes in line with a bald head. 

 Choose the ideal collar 

The first step is choosing an ideal collar that won’t make your beard look weird. Beard is likely to collide with your collar if you do not select the right one, so it is advisable to choose a long-point collar to make your shirt visible. This will also give your neck breathing space while allowing some fresh air to get into your beards. Avoid using cutaway, round, or spread collars if your beard is much as they get lost beneath. 

Work on the Mustache

Your mustache must always streamline. If you have a more extended mustache where balm can be applied with your index finger to adjust your hair to the center line’s corners, it makes you look fashionable. However, if you have a short beard, speak with your barber where trim it to where it meets with your upper lip.  

Rein in Flyaways

Many men only focus on keeping beard perimeters clean, but the main issue with the beard is mostly frizz that occurs due to wispy stragglers that grow faster than the hair. The first thing you need to is tidying your hair from the frizz. After then, comb or brush the beards out correctly from your face and notice the rough hair. The next thing is to trim to your desired length.

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 Groom your face properly

When you put on your suit, you look confident with your beard. But before putting on your suit, your beard must be cropped well and long enough to cover your skin chin that is rough but not visible. After then, wear your shirt and knot your tie. If your knot tie is not showing, trim further. Whatever you cut from your beard from the bottom, balance it with the bottom to make everything rhyme. The main thing is to ensure you look smart. Once your beard is looking right, your suit will match with it.

So get ready and show us how you Style Your Beard for a Suit. Send us your pictures to: Kamili Kumi 🇰🇪 Bearded Alphas (@kamilikumi) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos