Is your Beard putting you @ Risk for Covid-19?

Let me clear the air here the Kenyan Ministry of Health is NOT recommending men shave their beards to protect against the Covid-19 Virus.

This misinformation have developed out of a story on Social Media about the Virus, that pulled an old article from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).


When you have a killer beard as you do, it’s hard not to stroke it throughout the day. With the covi-19 Virus going around you want to avoid touching your eyes and nose so be mindful when your hands are near your face, and limit the beard strokes.

The original article talks about how well tight-fitting respirators work with facial hair. They state that a beard or facial hair will not allow a respirator to seal fully.


In situations like this we are finding ourselves in right now, you really need to stay informed with what’s going on. Know your enemy, get some background knowledge about the Corona Virus and Covid-19. AND equally important is getting your information from a proper source. 

Don’t believe every headline you see or hear as absolute truth. Dig into a credible resource and make sure you are getting the right info.

We @ KAMILI KUMI are not any kind of Dr. by any means, and We are not trying to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do! Consult a medical professional if you have any symptoms or are concerned with anything medical related.

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