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You want to grow a beard or try a different shape? Which styles are trendy now, which beard hairstyle suits which man and how the trendy beards affect women.

Which beard styles are trendy in 2020? Wilson Kamau, hairdresser and beard expert from Nairobi knows: “Beard remains trend! First of all the well-groomed 5-day beard. Also in vogue again, even with younger men: a moustache à la Johnny Depp.”

So the hipster full beard is out again?

“No, he stays! But regardless of trends, it is much more important that the beard matches the individual beard growth. In other words, if you have sparse hair growth, it is better to wear a three-day beard than an irregular full beard,”; say Wilson.

Which beard do women like best?

“The three-day beard is still ahead. Studies show that women love the combination of soft skin and slightly tickling whiskers when kissing,”; says the Expert from Nairobi.

To prevent the beard from pricking, it must be cared for appropriately. How’s that work? A beard can be cared for and styled in the same way as the hairstyle. Bearded hair, however, needs other care products so that it does not become brittle and frizzy.

The basic equipment includes a beard soap for daily cleaning and beard oil for the care of beard hair and skin. How do I grow my beard? “Every bearded person will know that the first phase of growing is not so easy – the beard itches, the skin gets dry and with increasing length the beard hairs become wilder. Often the reason why the beard is shaved off again. All these unpleasant side effects can be prevented with the right beard care. You look and feel better,”; according to Wilson.

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