Growing a beard may seem to be such an easy task but it requires commitment. Just like you take care of your hair or nails, the same thing applies to growing a beard. You don’t want to be walking around the streets looking like a mad professor because of your unkempt and shaggy beards. Your beard is the first thing that any person you meet will see. No matter when and where, with the KAMILI KUMI BLACK CORAL KIT we will cover your efforts. 

From the time you leave your house ‘till the moment you go to bed, we have your back.  

From “your beard stings” to the never ending “let me touch it again please” requests; within one application of our well formulated beard oil you will notice the difference. In fact, you will have a hard time to keep these hands off of you. So even if you doubted it up to this point, you have to agree with this KAMILI KUMI fact : grooming and cultivating them your beard is worth the effort.  

Here are some of our very personal beard care tips.

Only Genuine alpha males were consulted for this exercise.  

Fight through the itch. It gets better after some time.  

It’s your first step on your journey. Keep your chin up, it’s worth it!  

Let your beard grow without disturbance.  

Some of you will go ahead and try shaping your beard at an early time of growth, give it a few months before trying for it to grow. Keep maintaining your beard. Especially the outer limits. Get familiar with the comb, the brush and most of all with the scissors. Because you don’t want to f*ck up your beard when it’s once established.  

Know when to give up on beard growth.  

There! We’ve said it. If it’s been three or four months of trying to grow a beard and you can’t see any improvement, then it’s wise to just let go and move on because not everyone can grow a beard. Sometimes it’s a matter of genetics. Don’t worry, maybe skinny jeans and a V-neck shirt suits you better after all. 


Kenyan men and your ndevus. PSA. We all know that one person that doesn’t pay close attention to their ndevu or if they do, they will just use the normal bar soap that they use to shower on their beard. Just like you shampoo your hair while washing it to avoid it being dry, same thing applies to your beard. Shampoo it a few times a week and take care of it. The beard shampoo in the BLACK CORAL KIT will clean your man fur and every skin pore that breaths life unto those manyweles.  

Apply oils.  

Use the beard oil often but in small quantities to keep it moisturized. Massage the oil into your beard and skin, or even better, ask your lady to do it. She will love it even more than you would. And believe me when I say here, it pays off in various occasions to let her get so close to your man fur!  

Trim your beard.  

Just like you trim your hair after a few weeks or a month, don’t forget to trim your beard evenly and keep it neat all the time. You don’t want your beard to become the untamed mane unless you have a whole pack of lionesses to keep up with it.  

Use the right tools.  

We at KAMILI KUMI recommend using scissors and a comb. Especially those of you who are new to the beard game will find great pleasure in it. They prevent you from cutting off too much of your hair unlike when using an electric trimmer. That is why we have it as one of our key essentials in our starter kit: The BLACK CORAL, a comb, a brush and a small enough scissor to start with. However, an electric trimmer is used when shaping the edge of your beard, so invest in one if you can. Keep in mind, your beard is kind of your business card. Don’t have dog-ears on it!  

Eat a healthy diet.  

Consuming a balanced and healthy diet is good for you and of course for your hair growth and skin glow. And who does not want to have that special glow? If you plan on using any supplements, make sure to consult a doctor before. Some of those supplements could be harmful to your body.  


Getting enough sleep enhances your growth. This also applies to your beard growth. If you want a healthy and full beard, make sure to get enough sleep.  

Be careful while eating.  

This may seem so obvious, but most people don’t consider their beard while eating. We are Alpha Males, but we don’t have to eat like wildlings. Always make sure to keep your food off your beard and wipe off any food remains that may fall on your beards without you noticing.  

Lastly be very careful on the products that you use on your beard because they go straight into your skin. Our KAMILI KUMI formula is tested on us, and we can only give our recommendation to try it for yourself and your mane.

We are sure you will love it as much as we and our ladies do.

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  1. Beard Master says:

    Fight through the itch. It gets better after some time.
    You guys are so right!!! It was killing me for a few days. But it was totally worth the struggle! Cheers P

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